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Thank you for visiting my galleries and looking at my photographs. Please let me know about you by leaving a message in my guest book
Melissa Gurdus

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Question   TimothyJames
Hi alyson! I saw the urtcpies you took of nichole and Grant and I love them! I really wanna have some family urtcpies done as well as some newborn shots of our 7 week old baby girl, paisley. We live in knoxville but we visit chattanooga often. If you could email me some ideas about location and prices I'd appreciate it! Thank you!

- TimothyJames TimothyJames 4/11/2012 8:49:49 PM

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Your updated BP Gallery is outstanding and one of the best I have seen... wow!
Love the background....have totally enjoyed my visit here...
will definately be back!!!

- Nancyj E. Hovey 5/21/2010 2:43:35 AM

  Answer Thanks so much, Nancy, for your visit. I just undated my website...yesterday, in fact, and am very glad you like the changes.

- Melissa M.  5/21/2010 7:25:50 AM

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Question   Gallery
Your work is fantastic...I particularly enjoyed your florals and your painting techniques!

- Carol Eade 10/10/2009 5:51:46 AM

  Answer Thanks so much, Carol for visiting my site and looking at my work. I appreciate your words very much.

- Melissa M.  10/10/2009 6:52:28 AM

  Answer Learning a ton from these neat atricels.

- Margaretta Margaretta  7/21/2011 12:59:29 PM

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Question   Fantastic
I have always admired your work ...spending time here has been a real joy...

- Wanda Judd 8/20/2009 7:49:29 AM

  Answer Thanks so much, Wanda for visiting my website and I am very glad you enjoyed my work.

- Melissa M.  8/20/2009 8:43:14 AM

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Question   Your galleries
Incredibly impressed with your photos, Melissa. You have a true gift of capturing the beauty around you and taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary! Your work is inspiring!

- Joni Earley 6/4/2009 10:55:16 AM

  Answer Joni, I am so flattered by your wonderful comments and am very encouraged that you like my work. Thanks for taking the time to look.

- Melissa M.  6/4/2009 3:55:41 PM

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Question   Wonderful Gallery
I just visited your gallery filled with so many beautiful and interesting images, and I am already looking forward to a return visit.

Your technique is excellent and I really enjoy your creativity!


- Deborah C. Lewinson 5/12/2009 8:03:46 PM

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Question   Home page photos
Love those home page photos...: )

Going into the galleries now...: )

Hope you had a happy Mothers Day...: )

Debbie : )

- Debbie Fleri 5/11/2008 6:48:33 PM

  Answer Thanks so much, Debbie for visiting my website. Hope you, too had a happy Mother's day.

- Melissa M.  5/11/2008 7:52:18 PM

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Question   A Hello to you
Just want to let you know that I visited your gallery, and I love your images.
Your talent of photo taking shows your creative ability, and nature sings for you and your camera.
Thank you for sharing with all of us.
Hope to see you one day amongs the butterflies and flowers.

- Nancyj E. Hovey 5/4/2008 6:22:09 PM

  Answer Hi Nancy,
I am very touched and flattered by your amazing words about my work. I am also very pleased that looking at my work has given you pleasure.

- Melissa M.  5/4/2008 8:11:44 PM

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Question   Comment
Awesome site Melissa!! You work is fabulous!!

- Kathy Reeves 2/2/2008 3:18:29 AM

  Answer Thanks so much Kathy for taking a look at my website and leaving your wonderful comment. Hearing this from you..especially, is a real honor.

- Melissa M.  2/2/2008 7:00:53 AM

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Question   Web Site
This is a beautifully done Web Site Melissa. You have a supburb collection of your photos and photo works of art.

- eileen bedford 1/8/2008 2:47:56 PM

  Answer Thanks so much, Eileen for taking a look at my website. Your appreciation of my work means a great deal to me. Thanks again.

- Melissa M.  1/8/2008 8:37:45 PM

  Answer Too many compliments too litlte space, thanks!

- Bison Bison  7/21/2011 11:41:17 AM

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