I have created fine art work since I was a child. Below is a brief description of my formal education, art media I studied and the public institutions that own my work.

BFA 1965 -Tyler School of Fine Arts of Temple University

I majored in printmaking and sculpture and took many courses in oil painting, drawing, design.

The courses in printmaking included etching, lithography, serigraphy, wood cut and engraving.

The courses in sculpture included clay sculpture, bronze casting, welding, marble carving and wood carving.

MFA 1967 - University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus

I majored in sculpture and printmaking. I created a new printmaking medium combining office equipment for my Master's Degree one person show.
The series was called "Electronic Variations." and examples of this work can be found in many museums and private collections.

MA 1990 - University of South Florida

I majored in Special Education.

Museum of Modern Art - New York City

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City

New York City Public Library

Library of Congress
Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts

University of Wisconsin Library

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and use Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe RAW Editor 5.5 and Lightroom 2 to edit my photos.

My lenses include a Tamron 28-300mm IS lens, a Canon EF 100mm macro lens, a Canon EF 24-105mm IS lens and Canon EF 70-300mm IS lens.

As a back up camera I also use a Fuji S100FS digital camera and a Canon G9 Digital Camera.


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